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Tool Location Acquisition Program
Tool Offset Measuring Program
Tool Holder Air Blow Off Feature
Manual Tool Change Demo
Setup Program
Tool Change Demo

Tool Location Acquisition Program
A file is included which will automatically find the center of the Tool Holder when it is properly located in the Tool Bay. This file is called TL-FINDV.SBP.  Once the machine is zeroed at the machine 0,0 ,  insert a shaft into one of the Tool Holders. This can be a broken shaft bit, a dowel pin or anything with a clean and uniform circular end profile.  Insert a Tool Holder in Tool Bay #1.  Attach the grounding wire with the two alligator clips from the bottom of the Tool Holder to the grounding plate attached to your machine. The Tool Holder must be oriented so that the anti-rotation slots are at a 45 angle to the Tool Pallet.  Manually load the Tool Holder  with the 1/4" shaft into the Tool Changer.  Position the tool bit ~ above the center of the Tool Holder.  The program will find the top of the Tool Holder and then probe the outside of the Tool Holder for 2 points on the Y-axis. The program calculates the center of these points and probes 2 points on the X-axis using the calculated Y value. The program saves the center points for Tool Holder #1. The program pauses and prompts for the grounded Tool Holder to be moved to the next Tool Bay.   Hit any key to continue once the Tool Holder has been moved .  The process continues till all the Tool Bay centers have been identified. The program then writes the centers to a file called TLPOSTN.SBP which will be located in the directory where the SB.EXE file resides. Open this file and copy the contents to the VARIABLS.SBP file in the locations requested
(Click the images below for a video of the Tool Holder Finding Program)

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Tool Offset Measuring Program
A file is included with the program files which will automatically set the tool bit offset height for the Tool Holders.  The program has the option to measure a single tool bit offset or all the offsets.  The 1st time the program is run choose A for All and all the tool bit offsets will be measured and stored.  If a tool bit is replaced or repositioned to a different Tool Bay, run the program and just select the number of the tool bit which has changed.  The program will only measure and store that tool bit offset.  The offsets are later used to adjust the Z axis setting during a program which utilizes automatic tool changes.
(Click the images below for a video of the Tool Offset Measuring Program)

Low Res - 2megMed Res - 7megHigh Res - 30meg

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Tool Holder Air Blow Off Feature
The MRT Automatic Tool Changer incorporates a Tool Holder Blow Off feature each time a Tool Holder is picked up from the Tool Pallet.  Exhaust air from the draw bar solenoid is directed down the side of the Tool Changer through a nozzle.  When the Tool Changer is just above the Tool Holder, the drawbar solenoid is activated a few times (programmable number of times) to remove any debris from the taper of the Tool Holder before the Tool Changer pulls the holder into the taper of the collet chuck on the Tool Changer. 
(Click on the image to see a video of the Tool Holder Air Blow off Feature.)

Low Res - 1megMed Res - 2.5megHigh Res - 9meg

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Manual Tool Change
It is not always required or desirable to use the Automatic Tool changes when running one part, a small run, or a part with only one size tool path.  Sometimes the programming time is not justified.  In this case Tool Holders can be changed manually by pressing the red button on the side of the Solenoid Control Module.  This will actuate the drawbar and either release the current Tool Holder or enable the Tool Changer to grab a new Tool Holder.  Using this method, bits can be changed in just a few seconds anywhere  you can reach the Tool Changer.   If power is not applied to the system, a Tool Holder can still be removed or inserted, as long as there is sufficient air pressure, by pressing the red button on top of the solenoid.  This operates the spool in the solenoid manually causing the drawbar to extend and either release the current tool or accept the new tool.
(Click on the image to see a video of Manual Tool Changes)

Low Res - 1megMed Res - 3megHigh Res - 10meg

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Setup Program
One method of programming the Automatic Tool Changer is to use and offset for the programmed  part 0,0.   This offset is measured from the machine 0,0.  A setup program must be run before any program which utilizes automatic tool changes so the software can position the Automatic Tool Changer properly during the execution of the program.  This setup program 1st asks for the X and Y offset of the part to be machined.  Next, the program moved the ATC to the offset 0,0 location.  The zero plate is placed on top of the programmed part Z axis zero.  The program lower the Tool Changer till contact is made with the plate and zeros out the Z axis.  Next, the program lifts the Tool Changer to a clearance distance above the Tool Pallet zero plate and moves over the plate.  The Tool Changer lowers till contact is made the Tool Pallet zero plate.  The distance between the Z axis zero of the part and the zero plate on the Tool Pallet has now been programmed and the software can correctly position the ATC correctly for automatic tool changes if relation to the part Z axis zero.
(Click on the image to see a video of the Setup Program)

Low Res - 1megMed Res - 2.5megHigh Res - 9meg

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Tool Change Demo
This video show the part pictured below being cut.  The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the operation of the MRT Automatic Tool Changer, therefore it is not necessarily the most efficient cutting program .  The video shows the beginning and ending of each cut and travel to and from the Tool Pallet to save file size.  The high res video is huge and the others are very large.
(Click on the image to see a video of the part below being cut)

Low Res - 4megMed Res - 11megHigh Res - 43meg

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