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Control Modules

The control modules are used to operate the Automatic Tool Changer in an automatic mode.   The modules have a circuit which take a 5 volt TTL (Transistor to Transistor Level) signal from the software to control either an air solenoid or a relay.  The two modules required are the Solenoid Control Module and the Tool Changer Control Module (if your software does not already control the Tool Changer on/off state)

Solenoid Control Module

The module requires a 12 or 24V power source to operate the solenoid on the drawbar.  This source can either be a separate 12 or 24 volt power supply or taken from one of the empty wire harnesses in the control box.  See your control box documentation for which lines are the +12V or +24 and Return lines.  This module will control the solenoid used in the operation of the drawbar assembly.  When a tool change is required, the Tool Changer travels to the staging position directly above the tool holder.  A 5 volt TTL signal is sent from the software to the Solenoid  Control Module and the air solenoid activates causing the drawbar air cylinder to extend and open the gripper fingers.  The Tool Changer is lowered over the tool.  The solenoid is deactivated, reversing the flow of air to the drawbar air cylinder.  The drawbar is retracted and the gripper fingers close over the pull stud of the tool holder and draw the tool holder tightly up into the taper of the collet chuck on the Tool Changer.  This module is included with the purchase of either the fully automatic Tool Changer or the Manual Tool Changer.

Tool Changer Control Module

The Tool Changer needs to be turned on and off by the software in order to accomplish automatic tool changes.  If your software/controller can control the on/off state of the Tool Changer with no additional manual input, this module is not required. The module takes the 5v TTL signal from the software and operates a 20 amp relay to which the Tool Changer is connected.  Once the tool change is completed the Tool Changer is turned back on and the routing continues with the new bit.
 This module can be used to control other pieces of equipment such as dust collector systems, compressors for air brush applications, and slower speed drilling motors just to name a few.  This module is included in the Tool Changer Bundle.

 Tool Changer Control Module -$150.00



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