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Automatic Tool Changes

The Porter Cable 75182 Router motor has become an industry standard used on many hobby and small to medium shop CNC router systems.  The Midwest Rapid Tool Automatic Tool Changer uses this router as the heart of the system.  The problem with automated production has been tool changes.  Either the tool paths were not efficient to compensate for a single tool diameter or the program had to stop and the tool manually changed, re-zeroed and then restarted.  Up till now the only option was a spindle designed for automatic tool changes which has a very high initial capitol investment and high maintenance costs.   It is very difficult for the owner to do a rebuild on a spindle without the proper equipment.  The Porter Cable 75182 router maintenance parts are easy and inexpensive to obtain and install.   This means more up time on the CNC Tool Changer system.  The Midwest Rapid Tool Automatic Tool Changer  allows routing with different tool bits without the assistance of an operator.  The Porter Cable router has been modified with a pneumatically actuated drawbar added through the center.  The drawbar grabs the pull stud of the tool holder and pulls the holder securely into the taper of the collet chuck. 

Example:  You have many parts to cut out from a single sheet of material which then require a secondary process on each piece.  Normally all the tool paths for each size bit would need to be run one at a time.  The  final cutout would leave a large quantity  of parts which need a secondary operation all available at one time.  With the Tool Changer, each part can be cut individually and the secondary operations on one part can be done while the other parts are being cut.  You just gained an employee you do not have to pay.  The Midwest Rapid Tool Automatic Tool Changer system helps you finish your jobs quicker and move on to the next.
(See the Video Page for an example with automatic tool changers)



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